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ePBI Medical Providers
Provider Bill Inquiry
Quick Reference Guide
ePBI (Provider Bill Inquiry) is used by medical providers to find basic data available in AIG systems regarding:
  • The status of a medical provider bill
  • Claim information, i.e., claim number
  • Adjuster information
  • A copy of an EOR (view and/or print)
To register to gain access to the ePBI system:
  1. Access the ePBI Logon page using the following URL:
  2. Click on the Provider Sign Up link.
  3. Complete the Registration Information page.
  4. Click on the Next button
  5. Complete the second Registration page by adding one or more bill entries that include the Provider Tax ID, Date of Service and Original Bill Amt. Enter bills already submitted and processed by AIG Claims, Inc. This allows for access to future bills for the added Provider Tax IDs.
  6. Click on the Add button to add each bill entry to the grid.
  7. Read the Terms of Use.
  8. Select the checkbox to accept the Terms of Use.
  9. Click on the Register button. A page will open describing that an e-mail will be sent confirming your registration and telling you how to Activate account.
Logging On
To logon to the ePBI system:
  1. Access the ePBI Logon page using the following URL:
  2. Click on Sign In link
  3. Enter your Username and click on Next
  4. Enter your Password and click on Verify
  5. If you have not setup MFA before, setup one or more of the five MFAs (OKTA Verify, Google Authenticator, SMS Authentication, Voice Call Authentication, email Authentication)
  6. If you have already setup MFA, verify your MFA to login
  7. The ePBI Home page opens.
Bill Status Search
Use the Bill Inquiry page to search for bill status. To search for bill status:
  1. Click on the Bill Status Search from the top left menu.
  2. Click on the tab to search by the desired criteria.
  3. Enter the required criteria.
  4. Click on the Search button.
  5. Click on the row of the bill in the results grid..
  6. Click on the appropriate button.
Button Description
Export to Excel Exports the search results into an Excel spreadsheet.
Resend EOR Sends a copy of the Explanation of Review to the medical provider.
Online EOR Displays the Explanation of Review immediately online if available.
Bill Details Opens the Bill Details page which includes the following information:
  • Payee
  • Payment
  • Adjuster
  • Claim
The EOR can be resent from this page as well.
My Profile
Use the My Profile page to update personal information, add or delete Tax IDs

To access and use the My Profile page:
  1. Click on My Profile from the top right menu.
  2. Click on the desired option to update the following information:
  • Personal Info.
  • Manage Tax ID.
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